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The most valuable gift a parent can give a child is quality education. At Jacaranda Academy and Jacaranda College we aim to assist you in this task. No period of a child's education is more important than the early formative years. During these years children establish patterns of thought and behaviour. It is also during this period that moral and spiritual values are learnt, which will influence them for better or for worse, throughout their lives.

As a community of teachers, learners and parents at Jacaranda our objectives are to ensure that effective learning and teaching takes place and to take a shared responsibility towards the child to utilise all resources to the benefit of our learners

Our staff comprises a team of well-trained, dedicated educators who strive to ensure that your child reaches his/her full potential. We recognize that each child is unique and to this end we include a variety of teaching and learning styles. In addition classes are kept small so that learners can receive individual attention. In instances where learning problems may arise, our approach is to offer remediation and assistance by our in- house academic support facilitators.

The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and we follow the National Curriculum (CAPS) as developed by the Department of Basic Education, at national level but enrich our curriculum both horizontally and vertically. Our National Curriculum forms the philosophy from which we educate and we strive to develop manners, sense of morality, perseverance, teamwork, loyalty, and honesty. We also aim to build self-esteem and instill life values in all our learners.

Our classrooms are well resourced and technolgy is incorporated into all our lessons to ensure that learners are adequetly equipped for the needs and demands of the 21st Century!

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