Our Vision

Jacaranda Academy provides an integrated child-centred education, whereby the learner is developed holistically.

Our Mission

At Jacaranda Academy we believe it is our responsibility to provide consistently superior education at an affordable price. In meeting these objectives, everything we do must be of high quality. A progressive curriculum is followed that builds on learners' prior knowledge, extends their existing knowledge, develops skills and encourages acceptable values. This will ensure that learners are equipped with skills for life.

We are responsible to our employees and acknowledge that everyone must be treated as an individual with fair and adequate compensation. We are committed to equip our teachers by means of continued training and development to ensure a high standard of education for our learners.

We are responsible to the communities, from which we attract our learners and must fulfil the role of educating to the best of our abilities, allowing learners to contribute not only to their own success, but also to those of their communities and our nation at large.

We are committed to continuous improvement and encourage innovation and flexibility. When we operate according to these principles, we will attain our goals and objectives.

Operating Philosophy

All children have special abilities and the school has a responsibility to nurture these. This is attained through a diverse curriculum which allows for a stimulating academic environment where teachers are encouraged to teach creatively and learners can develop thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, whilst fostering independence and creativity.

Historical Overview

Jacaranda Academy was established in 1972 as Jacaranda Creche and Nursery School, on the current premises in Van Tonder Avenue, Edenglen. Over the years the school has become synonymous with quality childcare and education at an affordable price. Due to the ever-increasing need for good, quality education, the school gradually grew and new classrooms were periodically added to meet the ever-increasing demand.

In the late 1990's a need was identified for a private primary school in Edenvale. Renovations were made to the existing premises and at the beginning of 2000, the school saw its first intake of Grade1's. During 2002 a new wing was added to accommodate the primary school section on the premises in Van Tonder Avenue.

In 2013, the school had its first group of matriculants and achieved a 100% pass rate in the National Senior Certificate examinations. For the period 2014 to 2016, the matriculants wrote the IEB Senior Certificate examinations and in all three years consecutive achieved a 100% pass rate.

In January 2018, Jacaranda Private College (Pty) Ltd acquired the school premises and with the new ownership a number of changes were introduced in terms of improving school infrastructure , learner facilities and staffing.

Early Childhood Development & Foundation Phase GR 00 - GR 3

The Primary School has the challenging task of laying the foundation, which will enable the child to enter high school and embark on the rest of his/her life, confident in the knowledge that he/she has a role to play and a personal contribution to make to the strength of the community. Small classes and an approach which addresses the individual needs of each learner, ensures that every child is provided with a supportive and encouraging educational climate in which to develop according to ability and learning style

Jacaranda Academy offers an academic foundation in a challenging and enjoyable environment. Learners are closely monitored and regular interaction with the parent become core to ensuring that the talents of every pupil are developed. It is important for our learners to understand and accept that everyone is unique and every learner is valued.

In these early foundation years, literacy and numeracy training form the cornerstone of our curriculum. Music and physical education also receives emphasis, not discounting the value of good-old-fashioned play.

Intermediate Phase GR 4 - GR 6

Our educators are considered as mentors who teach and inspire. The focus of this phase is to develop independent thought, strong communication skills and grow self-confidence. It is also important for learners in this phase to understand and accept that there are consequences for their actions.

Our teachers are specialists in their respective academic fields and they acknowledge that learning should be fun. Learners are regularly taken on excursion and extension activities. These educators show absolute dedication and skill and share the dreams and visions of our learners.

Senior Phase GR 7 - GR 9

In this phase we strive to offer education which develops a high level of knowledge and skills for all learners and promotes social justice, human rights and inclusivity.

Progress is monitored by means of regular assessments and examinations so that decisions can be made about the best way to further education.

We have incorporated 21st century learning by introducing touch-screen television sets and computers into our classrooms which allow the educators to provide an interactive experience by using apps, games and animation.

Our aim is to expand, enrich, implement, individualise, differentiate and extend the overall curriculum through the appropriate use of technology.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We encourage our learners to participate in as many different extra-curricular activities as possible. After school a number of different clubs and activities are run. These vary according to the time of year and the number of learners wanting to support them.

These activities operate on a non-selective entry, which means everyone can join in. The activities currently on offer include soccer, volleyball. chess and Thai-chi (martial arts).

An Aftercare and Holiday Care Programme is run on the school premises and homework is done under supervision.

The school has a close working relationship with a number of professional service providers and therapists and in certain instances these services can be provided on the premises. These services include Occupational Therapists, Remedial Teachers and Educational Psychologists. We also offer our own in-house academic support program

The Jacaranda Team

Mr. Rakesh Misri - CEO

Breaking new ground for the 21st Century Minds is the inspiration behind Mr. Misri's unquenchable thirst for acquiring knowledge and passing it on to future generations so that Learners may graduate from Our School with Confidence, Unquestionable Skill & the Pride deserving True Achievers.

Mrs. Angela Andrews - School Director

For more than 20 years Mrs. Andrews has been at the head of  all Curriculum Matters and General Management of our school, preceeded by more than a decade in the Corporate World & as a Lecturer.  Her true passion is with Early Childhood Development & the cultivation of balanced rational functioning individuals.

Our Lady is the Heartbeat of Jacaranda. 

Ms. Cindy Enslin - Admin

Our Official Hugger and usually the first point of contact for most who call or visit Jacaranda.  Ms. Barefoot Busy Body finds solutions, fills gaps, supports the team & maintains balance between the school and all interested parties.

Mr. Scott Dawson - Gr 4 - 9

Gr5 - Life Skills

Gr7 - Life Orientation

Gr 7 - 9 Technology

Gr 4 - 9 PE 

With a background in Architecture & many years of construction experience, our Number One Sportslover & Hockey Master,  fosters full spectrum understanding of subject matter through interactive class discussions & real-life scenarios, aiding critical thinking & applicable development of the minds he influences.

Mrs. Pretty Ndlovu

Our Magic Matron and Head of Facilities is The Queen of Cuisine taking care of all the nutritional requirements for staff and Aftercare Children.  Mrs. Ndlovu has been Jacaranda since inception and truly is Mother to All.

Mr. Joe Afrika - Maintenance

Mr. Green Fingers lovingly tends to our premises and this ever smiling face keeps uninvited guests locked outside.

Mr. Sam Africa - Maintenance

This incredible soul not only takes care of maintenance and facilities matters around the premises, but happens to be a soulful  musician as well! On occasion he facilitates drumming, rhythm and music during aftercare, 

Mrs. Karen Bussicott - Gr 00 - Gr R

Mrs. Karen Bussicott - Gr 00 - Gr R

The perfect blend of balance, nurturing, playfulness & learning that every parent wishes to provide for her children, is found in the most vibrantly playful classroom on the premises.Right here is where the groundwork happens and Mrs. Bussicott brings magic to life!

Ms. Allison da Costa - Gr 1

Ms. Allison da Costa - Gr 1

With a strict regimen of self-discipline & a keen eye for detail, our learners are introduced to the basics of self-mastery by the stellar example of diligence, rational compassion & pride in self development.  Limitless potential is explored and the youth thrive in an environment where Self-Mangement is key.

Mrs. Maligay Naidoo - Gr 2

Mrs. Maligay Naidoo - Gr 2

With enthusiasm and a firm loving hand, Learners are guided supportively and thoroughly through the appropriate example of sharing and cooperation, with the all important appreciation for authenticity in mind


Ms. Chane de Carvalho Gr 4

Ms. Chane de Carvalho - Gr 4 

Our Eternal Sunshine is a highly qualified lifelong learner herself, with a Student-Centred approach by means of encouragement of active participation in the classroom to improve communication & critical thinking skills to equip learners for success in the 21st century.

Enough of the best is never enough!.

Ms. Summer Sanders - Gr 5 - 9

Gr 7 - 9 Creative Arts

Gr 7 - 9 Creative Arts

Gr 7 EMS

Gr 5 Social Sciences, English & Maths

Teaching comes alive with the exquisite creativite applicatioin to real world scenarios and encouragement of asking WHY in every subject presented by our Vibrant Ms. Sanders.

Mr. Christo du Toit - Gr 5 - 9

Gr 5 - 9 Afrikaans

Gr 8 - 9 EMS 

A versatile & inexhaustible wealth of wisdom & experience, learners leave his classroom feeling motivated, enriched and looking forward to returning as every lesson is inspired by colourful creativity, interactive participation & applicable resourcefulness.

Mrs. Nikita Naidoo - Gr 3

Mrs. Nikita Naidoo – Gr 3

Although qualified for Intermediate & Senior phase Education and the prior privilege of teaching English, Life Orientation, Natural & Social Sciences to Gr 4 – 7, our Gentle Gem is lovingly preparing an exciting & adventurous group of Gr 3 learners for what’s to come.

“Today's curious Minds are tomorrow's Leaders"

Ms. Anna Kapinga - Gr 7 - 9

Gr 7-9 Maths & Natural Science

Our Fun-Loving Brilliant Qualified Mathematician effortlessly conveys her passion for numbers, formulas and logic with the confidence of a seasoned genius through tenacious commitment, unconditional love & infinite encouragement.

Her Teaching style is evolutionary and fluid.

Ms. Skye James - Gr 7 - 9

Gr 7 - 9 English & Social Sciences

With off-the-wall unorthodox methods, Ms. James turns a classroom into a scene from Shakespeare with her insatiable love for Literature, History and inspiring inquisitive minds through fun interaction and celebrating every kind of diversity.