Jacaranda Academy

Parenting in the 21st Century

One of the most effective ways of learning is by modelling behaviour on examples of prominent people in our lives. Therefore, as parents we should be aware of the influence we have on our children’s actions and behaviour. This forms the cornerstone of “Conscious Parenting”

Kehoe and Fischer in their book “Mind Power for Children” elaborate on this concept in greater depth. I have taken liberty and briefly summarized some of the concepts that best resonate with my personal beliefs.

“How often do we hear our own parent’s voice echoing in the distance when we interact with our children? We are the product of our upbringing therefore it is imperative that parents should embark on “Conscious Parenting”. Like it or not, the models of parenting we instinctively use are those of our parents. In other cases, we might be so determined to reject our parent’s ways that we tend to overcompensate.

 According to Angela Andrews, School Director at Jacaranda Academy, whether we use our parent’s model closely or overcompensate, by doing the opposite, fact remains how we were raised has a huge influence on how we, in turn, parent. Most of this happens unconsciously.

 Child-rearing decisions should be made with the awareness that who we are is equally as important as to how we interact with our children. As parents we need to understand ourselves and look within to discover the underlying reasons why we act and behave the way we do.

As conscious parents we should therefore strive to ensure that our parenting practices accurately model the positive example we want our children to emulate. This takes vision and commitment.  Mrs. Andrews believes that being a parent is one of life’s great reminders that we are all indeed human and bound to make many mistakes along the way. Learning and moving on from your mistakes is key. We do this in a conscious and loving way respecting both your children and yourself.